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Floor Cleaning

To effectively dust mop floors, cleaners should:

  • » Remove all debris.
  • » Hold mop at a 45-degree angle and push mop straight ahead; do not push backwards and avoid lifting up mop.
  • » When mopping, start at entrance and work from the sides to the center of room.
  • » If furniture is easily moved, move and mop where furniture is located.
  • » Use dustpan and broom to sweep up trash.
  • » Once the floor is clean, brush out the dust mop with a stiff bristle brush or place the dust mop head in a plastic liner and shake it several times.
  • » Treat dust mop at end of cleaning procedures.
  • » Replace mop head when soiled.
  • » Hang dust mop with yarn facing away from walls.

For floor scrubbing:

  • » Operate floor machine from side to side while applying solution.
  • » Overlap on each pass to ensure that the entire floor has been covered.
  • » Avoid bumping the baseboards and other fixed objects.
  • » Use a hand pad and holder to scrub corners and other areas not accessible to the floor machine.
  • » Use dustpan and broom to sweep up trash.

Pick up dirty solution:

  • » Use a wet vacuum or remove the dirty solution with the first mop.
  • » Dip the clean mop into the clear water and rinse — using the double bucket procedure.
  • » Wring out the wet mop frequently.
  • » Cover the entire area to be cleaned.
  • » Wipe off baseboards before they dry.

After the floor has dried, cleaning personnel should remove the wet floor signs and return furniture and other items cleared from the area to their proper positions.

Floor Stripping
Apply stripping solution:

  • » Spread floor stripping solution over area with mop.
  • » Allow solution to work on floor for recommended time — usually at least five minutes — and do not allow the stripper to dry.

Machine scrub:

  • » Place floor stripping pad under floor machine.
  • » Scrub lengthwise along the baseboards.
  • » Strip side to side over the remaining area.
  • » Use hand scrub pad to detail strip along the edges and in corners of the room; heel floor machine on badly soiled spots.
  • » Do not splash stripper on walls.

Pick up dirty solution:

  • » Use a wet vacuum to remove stripper solution from the floor.
  • » Do not allow the dirty solution to dry on the floor.

Rinse and dry floor:

  • » Use clean mop and clean water.
  • » Add floor stripping neutralizer to water.
  • » Cover area with neutralizer and rinse water.
  • » Use wet vacuum to pick up rinse water.
  • » Wipe baseboards before they dry.