I have been really pleased and impressed with Water Tactics. You have all done a great job and I will definitely be recommending you to any other people I know who want water tanks installed.


Now that 12 months has passed since your service to rectify our tank water problem, I feel I should let you know that the service and maintenance you carried out has proved very satisfactory.


Our tanks supply all our toilet and laundry needs. Prior to your service not only had the colour of the water changed, but there was an unpleasant odour affecting all laundry items. Now, 12 months after your service the water quality has remained excellent.


When I contacted you last year is was because the water from the rainwater taps was discoloured and sludgy and staining the toilet bowls. I did some research and realised that for optimal service from the tanks they needed a regular clean and service. You were recommended to my by a plumbing firm and the results have been brilliant.


now have a regular maintenance program in place which your company provides and am very happy with the results.