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Water Tank Cleaning

We have been offering cost - effective water tank cleaning services, which strictly adhere to high - quality standards, and we use advanced machinery and equipment. We have been rendering this service to many clients at the most cost - effective prices in and around Bangalore. Our reliable services are widely appreciated by many customers as we give the most suitable and effective service for cleaning underground and overhead water tanks. We have skilled and experienced staff, who give effective water tank cleaning services. We use updated machine and equipment, and make sure there is complete prevention of all the contaminants from the tank.

6 Stages of Water Tank Cleaning

Mechanized Dewatering

In the first stage of Asianet Jalasuchiwe start thoroughly cleaning the manhole and surroundings which is usually full of dirt, mud and algae.

Sludge Removal

After cleaning of the manhole and all the surroundings, the dirty water and sludge is removed out by scientific method. The sludge is removed out by using a specially designed sludge pump. The pump disposes all the dirty and sludge to a safe place. The remaining sludge is removed by our special pressure vacuum pump.

High Pressure Cleaning

The process further continues with cleaning of the walls and ceiling of the tanks with our specially designed high pressure jet pumps which dislodges the layers of dirt algae fungi and layers of calcinations which sticks on the walls of the ceilings and walls of the storage tank. The ceiling incidentally has a very high concentration of germs and bacteria due to availability of oxygen and dampness caused due to condensation of the water.

Vaccum Cleaning

The very important stage is to clean the floor thoroughly by using high pressure jet. This removes all the dirt and layers of calcinations and other algae. The remaining dirt is removed by using a heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner making the floor completely clean and dirt free.

Anti Bacterial Spary

The next important process in Asianet Jalasuchi is the treatment of the walls, floor and ceiling by our specially developed anti-bacterial agents and imported food contact sanitizers which ensure that the entire surface of the walls and ceiling is made sterile and free from any disease causing bacteria's. The anti bacterial agents are thoroughly sprayed in all the corners of the tank which ensures total sterilization of the tank from inside.

UV Radiation

In the final and most important stage of the Asianet Jalasuchi we treat the inside of storage tanks with our specially designed and developed ultraviolet radiator which kills any further suspended or floating bacteria which might have remained in the tank.